Mission Statement

The Democracy Workers Collective strives to establish a truly representative workplace by centering equity, establishing collective decision-making processes, and prioritizing accountability and transparency at Democracy Works.

Vision Statement

Fulfilling the promise of a more equitable, sustainable, and representative democracy, both inside and outside of Democracy Works.

Our Values

When we join Democracy Works, we agree to abide by our values. We believe in these values, and thus our values as a union are completely aligned to our organizational values. Our efforts as a union let us reclaim these values, so that they are primed to be realized fully for all Democracy Workers.

  • Democracy requires those in power to be accountable to the people they lead. A truly democratic Democracy Works will guarantee that our voices as employees are indispensable to the decision making process, particularly on decisions that directly impact us and our work.

  • Democracy Workers are human beings who live full lives inside and outside of the workplace. Compassion, empathy, and respect are integral to supporting those who do the hard work of supporting America’s voters. We must establish consistent and fair terms of employment at Democracy Works, including salary equity, fair treatment, and workloads that fit within the confines of the 40 hour work week.

  • By strengthening and expanding our skill sets through cross-training and professional development, we create a more sustainable organization by establishing clear career trajectories and increasing staff retention. To best serve voters, Democracy Workers must be allotted regular opportunities for continuous professional growth. As we continue to live this value externally, we must begin to live it internally by establishing clear career trajectories, increasing staff retention, and establishing consistent pathways to leadership, promotions, and raises.

  • Our staff composition should always be reflective of the myriad identities that Americans hold. In order to do this sustainably, Democracy Works must establish and maintain an anti-oppressive and accessible environment that is safe for all staff members. Earnestly fostering diversity and inclusion within our organization and the systems we build positions us to retain the diverse staff community we seek to build and to better support the diverse electorate that we aim to serve.

  • In order to be most effective in our work, the organization must work to build trust between our staff, leadership, and Board of Directors. Constructive feedback does not propel us forward in and of itself, but the implementation of that feedback does. Having streamlined channels for open and transparent communications, as well as clear expectations around the timing and substance of a response, strengthens trust within our organization and within our tools.

  • It is our right to self-organize to protect ourselves and the work we do to underpin America’s elections infrastructure. We trust one another as stewards of our mission and thrive when we are empowered to own our work. True empowerment in the workplace requires support from our peers. Organizing and collective decision-making allow us to find that support, establish common ground, and speak with a unified voice in the best interest of our work.

  • We believe that we do our best work together and that our work is best when we remain in alignment. Thus we seek to establish a community grounded in iteration, respect, and collaboration. We approach work and our colleagues in the same manner that we approach voters and election officials, with humility and compassion. Our work to establish a healthy workplace environment for all Democracy Workers demonstrates our solidarity as a unionized collective.