Democracy Workers Collective

Fulfilling the promise of a more equitable, sustainable, and representative democracy, inside and outside of Democracy Works.

Democracy Workers Speak

I support our union for the same reason I came to work at Democracy Works: I believe in democracy. I also believe that striving for more open and equitable decision-making processes within our organization will only help us in our pursuit of these goals for the whole US electorate.
Jake, he/him
Voter Engagement Program
The work we’ve done over the past year alone has been incredible and truly embodied the Democracy Works value of “we work best together.” Unionizing will allow us to continue to strengthen and live out that value.
Tara, she/her
Engineering / TurboVote

We, the eligible staff of Democracy Works, are forming a union with The NewsGuild-CWA, local 31222.

We seek democracy in decision making; collective support for all staff; greater attention to capacity, workload, and hiring; improved policies on retention, evaluation, and accountability; pay equity; and more time for professional development.

We ask that Democracy Works leadership voluntarily recognize us so we can work together to build a stronger organization and a stronger democracy.

Read our mission statement for more information.